Daily Archives: December 21, 2011

Driving Miss Blair

Just reached down for the windshield wiper lever, and realized that I hadn’t used them since we left the ‘Burgh. We must be heading back up north.

Your intrepid travelers have stopped at 2pm, because we had to. Marce started to make awful noises and hold her head in her hands. Truth is, I’m not feeling so hot either having just been crushed by the BUG. I said, “Ok, that’s it we’re packing it in.”

Last night, “throne side” as I held various items of very little comfort I was sure her head was going to spin right around and growl something in Latin at me. It was a completely comprehensive upheaval the likes of which you’ve never seen nor heard. I knew exactly what she was going through because that was me two days ago. So here we sit in Jackson Fort or some such place, at our new home the Econo Lodge just a mere 8,000 points off our Choice Privileges card, still 8 hours from the ‘Burgh.

On the yacht front I feel the choices narrowing a bit and coming down to too much or not enough. After the break I think we can clear up the loose ends and make an offer.

Marce is resting now, don’t make a sound. See most of you soon.


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