Moving day

I can clearly remember my ex-fighter pilot dad’s words when he asked me what was wrong, this is supposed to be fun. The whole gang, there must have been six chattering kids in the car, were being driven to the roller skating rink and I’m not saying a word. I pleaded, “Why do I feel so scared?” He told me I wasn’t really scared but it’s just the anticipation and excitement that fools you into thinking you’re scared.

I took a minute to process this new information and decided that he could just be right. I cheered up and joined in. By the time we arrived at the skating arena the buzz in the old Nash was palpable. With a “Thanks, Dad” over the shoulder we ran into the Thundering Wheels Roller Rink, made sure to get the cool skates where they can “fit anybody” and every Tuesday is “Kids Night. Half Off.”

With the coolest skates on I immediately proceeded to do about a five minute cartoon like backwards yada yada yada, double windmill with a remarkably crisp half pike dismount, falling on my ass whilst getting tangled up in Kitty Blokers’ long skinny legs who knocked over Cathy Baverian, the prettiest girl in my school, whose very short sequined outfit would never be the same, and bouncing my head off the well-waxed hard wooden floor. I got a 5.9. The Romanian judge had it in for me. One tenth off ’cause of the head bounce thing. As if that never happens!

Yeah, I was afraid of that.

It’s moving day and I’m filled with anticipation and excitement. I just hope the Romanian judge isn’t watching our first couple of dockings.

You know, come to think of it, after the nose bleed stopped I had a pretty good time at the Thundering Wheels Roller Rink, where they can fit anybody.


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  1. Laurie

    I recently finished Danielle and Roger’s blog and with time on my hands until 2019 when hubby and I will pull up stakes and hit the waterway, thought I’d continue to follow Chocobo’s … er Escape Velocity’s further adventures. So far, you have me laughing. Very well written. You’re already four years into the future but I expect I’ll enjoy catching up to you. Bon Voyage!

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