No car? No problem!

Jack’s rig for the bikes has worked very well so far. We think we’ll need a few more lines on the bikes when we head out into the ocean just to completely eliminate any movement, and yes, they will eventually rust regardless of what protective products we spray or gob on, but oh, how wonderful it is to have them! I don’t know how bikeless cruisers cope, and when these rust away we’ll replace them. I’m sure deploying, storing and maintaining them will be a pain, but luckily bike maintenance is something Jack has always enjoyed.

Yesterday we rode to a Marshall’s store for a bit of clothes shopping. I’ve discovered that 100% cotton clothing isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear when you’re underway in steamy Florida. All week I felt clammy and my cotton shorts and T-shirts hung damp and heavy, especially on the days when we had rain squalls. Jack, on the other hand was wearing quick-drying nylon shorts and Dri-Fit t-shirts, much better choices, and while I’ve got plenty of clothes, I’m going to replace some of the cotton with miracle fibers. But apparently not at Marshall’s in St. Augustine. I found two Dri-Fit T-shirts but no shorts. That will have to wait until we find an outdoor clothing store.

Today we rode to the grocery store. We were reluctant to buy too much because we have to haul it back to the boat on the bikes, but we could have loaded up a lot more. The one-piece bags with integrated panniers we used for our bike touring hold a lot of stuff, although I anticipate a challenge when it’s time to stock up on paper towels and toilet paper. When we got back we watched this pretty little wooden Tahiti ketch get splashed. The owner is on his way to Iceland. That sounds good to me!

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  1. Stock up while you’re in town. Maybe some bait too?

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