Waiting for a lift

The boatyard ordered the parts for our rudder repair but they’re not sure when they’ll be here. If we weren’t living aboard they’d pull the boat out of the water and let it sit in the yard until they had everything they need to replace the bearings and seals, but since this is our home they’re leaving us at the dock until they’re ready to go. That’s because life in the water is much more comfortable than in the yard. For one thing, our air conditioning is water cooled, so it won’t work once we’re out of the water. And our sinks and showers drain directly out of the boat so we’ll have to use the boatyard showers while we’re there. We’re looking forward to getting the repairs done, but not to life aboard while it happens.

Meanwhile we’re at the end of a very long dock with no one living aboard near us so it’s quite peaceful. Once in a while some working boats go by but for the most part it’s been lovely — no rain and only occasional periods of gusty winds.

When I woke up this morning and went out to check the fenders and docklines I found this guy taking advantage of our bowline to fish from.

There’s a farmers market today in the park across the street from the boatyard. What a treat to have corn and tomatoes and cucumbers and peaches!

Marce at the market in St. Augustine, FL

Along with the produce and baked good vendors there was a man who made guitar-like instruments from cigar boxes.

The cigar boxes are beautiful, and the workmanship is impressive.

There was also a didgeridoo maker. Both these instrument makers provided an interesting soundtrack for the market.

Jack had the obligatory pulled pork sandwich.

And I’m excited to have a pile of fresh produce to cook with for the next couple of days.

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  1. dave kent

    I’m especially digging the double neck cigar-guitar, with one of the necks being fretless. Someone should make a little amp in a coconut shell.

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