Rainy weekend

This morning we got up early, wiped down the boat and put the first coat of bottom paint on. It’s a messy, stinky job and we were happy the rain stayed away long enough to get it done.

After the first coat of paint we showered and pedaled to West Marine for a new dinghy plug, an additional length of water hose and some holding tank enzyme treatment. We also stopped at the grocery store for essentials and rode back to the boat with loaded panniers.

When we got back we took Izzy to the park again and she’s definitely getting used to the leash.

We connected our new length of water hose and reached across the boatyard to fill our water tank again.

We had planned to get the second coat of bottom paint on the same day. You have to wait six hours to recoat but just as we were about to start the rains came again and we had to retreat inside. That means a busy day on Sunday — recoat the bottom paint, listen to the French Open final online, run across the street to the farmers market for produce, then bike to a sports bar to watch the Canadian Formula 1 race. And it’s supposed to rain again in the afternoon, so we’ll probably have a wet ride home.



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2 Responses to Rainy weekend

  1. John Halbrook

    A boater’s work is never done. Nice post, I can almost smell the paint. Glad to see Izzy adapting to life with nomads.

  2. Nikki

    Love the picture of Jack walking the cat on a leash, while wearing a tee-shirt with a dog on it!

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