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Marce was feeling kind of punk so I was elected to find my way into St Georges Harbor to pick up the official customs clearance papers for our replacement Spot, and if the spirit moves me to bus out to the airport to begin the process of prying the Spot out of customs custody.

We had not tied up to Woburns concrete town jetty yet. They can be a little rough sometimes but they say if you’re looking for a bus that’s where you have to go. Not all of these southern Grenadian harbors are accessible by road but apparently Woburn rates a road and a bus stop, so our sense of isolation may be somewhat over the top, just like calling Woburn a town might be pushing the iridescent lime green two story waterfront shack a bit over the top. Using the word town may be overstating but using the word bus stop definitely implies something more than Woburn reality. It’s a one lane chip and oil that intersects with a one and a half lane chip and oil, but it’s here I decided to wait.

Now dear Escapees, it always takes me a second or two to figure out which side of the street to stand on to catch a bus because they persist in driving on the wrong side of the street. Just then a passing teenage girl said, “mister, you need to wait on the other side but get in no matter which way de bus goes.” Now I’m a trusting sole but when the bus pulled up going the wrong way I paused. I got in and toured a slice of Grenadian life in the outback.

When I finally started to recognize some features of St George’s I knew I was in for a spot of walking but I got fairly close to my destination and walking around town is fun.


“Christ of the deep” faces the harbor in honor of Grenadians who helped save passengers of the 600 foot Italian cruise ship Bianca C that burned in this harbor in 1961.


You were wondering where all of these went.

Looks like no soup today.

After picking up the papers at the Grenada Yacht Club the manager said the airport customs is closed on the weekend and from Woburn you’d have to bus into town on a #2, take a #1 out to the airport but not all #1’s go to the airport so you have to ask the driver. You’ll have to negotiate with the custom officer because they set the customs duty rate; what you pay is up to them. Then take a #1 back to town and get on a #2 but not all #2’s go to Woburn so you have to ask the driver if he’s going to Woburn. Or alternatively take a cab, $50 EC one way for about five miles of driving.

I wrote it all down.

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  1. Jane DiCola

    HILARIOUS Jack! Ah, one needs a pretty decent sense of humor to explore the islands — and it sounds like you haven’t lost yours — YET. Good on you mate, as they say on the other side…

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