In again Finnegan

We got up Tuesday morning thinking all we had to do was take a leisurely ride to Target for household supplies, but we got instead a knock on the hull from Andrew from the boatyard.

“I’ve been thinking about your rudders all night and I just want to make sure they’re right,” he said. And he checked and rechecked, climbing from a tight squeeze in one hull to a tighter squeeze in the other, asking us to turn the wheel back and forth while he adjusted and tweaked until he felt confident that our steering was exactly as it should be.

He spent so much time in the hull that he noticed one end of one of the engine exhaust hoses was cracked, and he suggested we replace it before too long. That was one of the items the surveyor pointed out, and we had all looked and thought it was fine. “You have to get close to see it, but it’s definitely cracking,” said Andrew, and once we knew what we were looking for we saw it too. We checked the other side and it was also cracking.

Andrew directed us to a chandlery right down the road that would probably have the right size in stock and we jumped on the bikes and headed out. Fifteen feet of heavy exhaust hose is pretty hard to carry on a bike, but the store clerk told us he was leaving on his lunch hour and he’d drive it up the road for us. Jack met him at the boatyard gate for the handoff. Nice!

No sooner did we get back than the Travelift crew came over to ask if we were ready to go back in the water. Yikes! It was only 2:00 and we thought we were scheduled for 5:00. We scrambled to get organized and when the Travelift drove over I picked up Izzy to get her off the boat.

Meanwhile we finally met the Boyer family whom we’d met online because we were both shopping for Mantas at the same time. They have a blog too, and it was so great to meet them all in person, especially since we will more than likely be tailing each other for the next several months as we’re on more or less the same route.

I knew from the Boyers’ blog that they had a cat, and that the cat would be on vacation with Grandma while the family was on their sailing adventure. I carried Izzy to their boat, Anything Goes, to meet the girls and she immediately had three very attentive cat sitters while Escape Velocity was carried back to the water.

And of course, as soon as we were in the water again, a massive storm hit us with another soaking downpour, but it felt so good to be floating again.

When the rain stopped Jack started on the exhaust hose on the side we thought would be easier. Not. After several frustrating hours with both of us taking turns climbing down into an impossible space, we got the new hose on.

Wednesday morning Andrew stopped by to see it we wanted help, but we told him we managed. He looked at what we’d done and gave us a thumbs up. But of course that’s only half the job.


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2 Responses to In again Finnegan

  1. If it’s not one thing…..
    Every day is not only a journey, but a learning experience, yes?
    And I’m so glad Izzy made some friends. I think it would be nice for you to connect occasionally with another family on the same route. Did they end up with a Manta, too?
    Hugs all around.

  2. Carole Esley

    This, plus so many before remind me of how nice sailboat people generally are, whether the sailors or those who provide support services. The young man who offered to deliver the heavy hoses and the children who received Izzy with open arms and hearts…… Nice!

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