Working and touring

It’s been a crazy couple of days. Our main purpose for being here was to get the rudder bearings fixed and it’s been a big job. Paul, who did most of the work, filled the line of corrosion on each rudder post and even if they don’t look brand new, they at least look like they could do another lap around the world, which is all we ask.

Paul had the rudders reinstalled and adjusted early on Monday morning. Jack finished the second coat of bottom paint on Sunday, so the only thing holding us up was the new zincs for the saildrives. Luckily they arrived Monday morning and Jack got right to work installing them.

The props are another dramatic change after this trip to the yard. Jack spent a lot of time cleaning them up, greasing the gears and coating them with Lanocote. There are as many opinions on how to prevent marine growth on props as there are sailors. They were previously coated in bottom paint, so we’ll see if the Lanocote does as well or better than the paint.

Here are the before and after photos of the props.

By noon on Monday we had everything pretty much done, so we took another bike ride into town to do some touring. We visited the National Cemetery, a very small but peaceful one. Many of the graves dated from the “Indian War” of 1835.

Then we rode to the old City Gate and the 17th century Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fortification in North America and we got there just in time for the firearms demonstration.

Moments later, the historic weapon they were shooting exploded prematurely, injuring the park ranger.

We couldn’t tell from a distance what the injury was but we couldn’t see any blood so we suspect a burn. Eventually the paramedics came and he seemed to be in good hands. Never saw that one before.

We passed on going into the fort and instead just walked the perimeter.

Then we moseyed back home up and down the lovely streets of old St. Augustine.

We feel pretty good about the day, and just plan to take a trip to Target before our launch Tuesday.


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4 Responses to Working and touring

  1. Tom G

    Your words and pictures have made me want to visit St. Augustine; it sounds and looks so beautiful.

    Tuesday launch: looking forward to reading all about it!

  2. Anita

    Launch – where are you headed?? Hope to see you soon!

  3. I’m so happy you have been able to be back on the bikes. This stay is perhaps a pattern that will repeat itself around the world (except for the big rudder repair.) Of course, we are looking forward to seeing EV up north!

  4. Go to the St. Augustine winery – they make everything from muscadine grapes. Stick with the whites. Also, we loved the fort when we were there.

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