A Wednesday in July

When we got up yesterday we found a newspaper on the dock. First time that’s happened!

Went ashore to the marina office/convenience store/diner for delicious made-to-order breakfast sandwiches on home made biscuits.

And then it was out into the nasty Albemarle Sound where I nearly donated my breakfast to the deep, but managed to keep it, barely.



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3 Responses to A Wednesday in July

  1. Tom G

    I’m glad to know you and Jack made it safely through the night, and hope the weather turns kinder to you three!

    Always look forward to your posts!

  2. Couldn’t you put the sails up on an area as large as Albemarle Sound and save a little fuel, not mention dollars?

    • We could, if the wind weren’t on our nose. We seem to be dogged by foul winds so far. Seems wherever we’re going, that’s where the wind is coming from.

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