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Provisioning, as if we need to

One of the best things about being in Virginia Beach is that there’s a Trader Joe’s here. Today we packed up our folding dock cart and our soft cooler and dinghied ashore, then walked to the bus stop. Google maps told us which bus to take but when that one came the driver suggested a different, more direct route. Ten minutes later we were on our way to grocery nirvana.

The same shopping center held a Target and a Joann so we did a little shopping there, made the obligatory Starbucks visit, then ducked into Five Below for some bargains. Jack immediately found the Steelers aisle. What?! Aren’t we in Virginia?

We planned to do Trader Joe’s last because Jack wanted to stock up on his favorite frozen berries and a bus, a walk and a dinghy ride back to the boat were seriously going to tax our cooling capabilities.

I didn’t want to leave Trader Joe’s and we had to restrain ourselves because we had to schlepp everything home again, but still, it was wonderful to stock up on some of our favorites. We got back to the bus stop about the right time, but when the bus came the driver told us she wasn’t going where we were, even though it was the right number. Confused, we stepped back to the curb to wait. I opened my favorite white cheese preenas and Jack went inside the adjacent wine store to look for ginger beer. Just then a woman and her daughter drove up and asked if there were a problem with the bus. I explained the confusion and without hesitation she offered us a ride back to the dock. Heck, yeah! What could have been a long hot wait with melting berries turned into a quick but delightful ride with Ginger and Lauren.

Ginger even gave us her phone number in case we need a ride somewhere else. I told you I like Virginia Beach!

Back at the dinghy Jack filled our water jugs and we loaded up our loot. What were we thinking?! We still have more food on board than we can eat in six months. But I think we’ll find a way.



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One more thing about Norfolk

I keep forgetting to mention the very moving war memorial on the waterfront in Norfolk. I’m a fan of memorials, from the very traditional to the more contemporary. This one is unique and affecting, and I thank Alan for telling us about it.

Excerpts of 20 letters from servicemen and women who lost their lives in American wars, from the Revolutionary to the first Gulf War, are cast in bronze and arranged as if scattered by the wind. It was interesting to note the change in tone through the centuries. The earlier letters were factual and unemotional. In the civil war era, the writers prayed to God for mercy. The WWI and WWII letters were brave but you could sense the fear between the words. And by Korea and Viet Nam the writers were clearly traumatized, scared and wishing it would all be over.

This is from Korea, 1951:
“This whole thing, as are all wars, is complete lunacy, proving nothing, and accomplishing nothing.”

Most of the letters left me in tears. I rank this memorial right up there with the Viet Nam Wall in DC.






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