A Thanksgiving in limbo, er, Oriental

Thursday morning was another chilly day, but with a little sun and that makes all the difference. We started the day at the Bean, which was as crowded as we’ve ever seen it, even including when we were here in the summer.


We parked ourselves at a table and settled in for the long haul. I made periodic trips across the street to feed a washer and dryer, hoping to improve the aroma in EV from being cooped up in a damp boat in the same clothes for weeks on end.


When the Bean closed its doors at noon we were forced to head back to the boat. I hung the still-damp clothing in the cockpit and Jack end-for-ended the jib sheet and taped a few stray meat hooks on the boom vang. We both worked on cleaning the vinyl windows in the cockpit enclosure in preparation for a morning departure.


We picked up Alan from Snow White and dinghied ashore to the Toucan Grill a little ahead of our reservation time and they were able to seat us right away. We were surprised at how many people apparently don’t cook at home on Thanksgiving and grateful to have this alternative to our traditional family gathering. Jack and Alan gave the turkey and prime rib two thumbs up and the sides were plentiful and varied.



We were glad we’d gone early and had a lovely evening ride back to our boats.





We topped off the day with one of those family phone calls where we get passed around the dinner table from person to person. We’d hoped to FaceTime and actually see each other but unfortunately we couldn’t make the connection. It was great to be able to chat a little with everyone though, and between the blog and Facebook we feel very much in touch with most of our family. Still, we can see that holidays are going to be a little different for the foreseeable future.

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