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We didn’t even run aground once.

In a stressed filled, but short, day’s run we slowly pulled into the anchorage at Wrightsville Beach. I remember peeking into Mott’s Channel when we passed through here on the way up North, but then we were hungry for more distance and due to very long delays waiting to pass through their Bascule Bridge, we had a close thing getting to fuel and someplace to tie up for the night.

This night we were in another nice anchorage and I wish we’d stopped here on the way up. The view from the back porch isn’t bad either.

About the only drawback is that we’re in Carolina Skiff land. I’ve never seen a brand dominate the way these things have down here…OK maybe the iPhone, but my point is that you take one of these things, and they’re not just painted in camouflage anymore. No, you have your white and powder blue, yellow, or even orange, all two tone. You clamp on a large Japanese outboard, and this is critical, you throw in a bunch of fishing rods, because, forgive me Shecky, you put fishing rods in a boat, the captain goes crazy!

They’re buzzing us right now, flying right through the anchorage, waking everyone, fishing rods bobbing in the back. What is it about fishing rods and the average American boater?

Anyway, Escapees, I tell you we had to coordinate the bizarre opening schedules of a multitude of articulated bridges causing us to push really hard in badly shoaling water and alternatively poke along waiting for a bridge to open. This was the chief reason to keep our distance conservative today and I’m glad we did.

Tomorrow we’ll dinghy into town to have breakfast at the Causeway Cafe claimed, by our friends Ed & Sue on Angel Louise, to have the best breakfast on the East Coast! We’ll be the judge of that.

That’s life on the water.


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Frost warning

It was 37 degrees Fahrenheit in the bridge deck when I got up this morning, and colder in the hulls. After running a space heater on the generator for an hour the bridge deck was up to a balmy 45 degrees, warm enough to stop shivering and have coffee and breakfast.

Southport would be a doable run in the summertime when the days are longer but today we’ll make a shorter trip. I checked the weather and this cold snap goes all the way to Florida so we can’t motor our way to warmth just yet. Southport, Charleston, Brunswick and St. Augustine all have frost advisories this week. The weather gods are not smiling on those of us who dilly-dallied up north.



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