Frost warning

It was 37 degrees Fahrenheit in the bridge deck when I got up this morning, and colder in the hulls. After running a space heater on the generator for an hour the bridge deck was up to a balmy 45 degrees, warm enough to stop shivering and have coffee and breakfast.

Southport would be a doable run in the summertime when the days are longer but today we’ll make a shorter trip. I checked the weather and this cold snap goes all the way to Florida so we can’t motor our way to warmth just yet. Southport, Charleston, Brunswick and St. Augustine all have frost advisories this week. The weather gods are not smiling on those of us who dilly-dallied up north.



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7 Responses to Frost warning

  1. we remember the cold times after the Annapolis boat show… last year we spent $$$$ to buy a diesel fueled vaporizing stove which will heat the boat with fuel from our tank … figuring when we get back to US in 2 yrs it will be an easier trip going South if we get a cold snap. We remember our first trip south in the Catamaran from the Chesapeake and scraping ice off the inside of the front windshield with a razor blade! Last time we work up with ice on the deck was about where you are now, so have faith! Ed and Sue

  2. Izzy reads upside down!!!

  3. Anita

    I’m so glad that Izzy is there to help you Jack. Cats are so smart!!

  4. Ericka

    Aww, that is the sweetest picture ever! I wish I had a solution for the cold/heating situation. Are y’all fixing to head into the gulf after making your way south?

  5. Carole L Esley

    Izzy takes her responsibilities seriously and graciously!! I am loving her more each day. How about posting that picture on your face book page so her fans can share it…. šŸ™‚

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