Hide the silverware, Escapees in St. Augustine

We made good time coming down from St. Marys, and picked up a mooring ball directly in front of the Castillo de San Marcos by two o’clock.20121220-091405.jpg20121220-091539.jpg20121220-092108.jpg
By evening the full extent of St. Augustine’s holiday spirit revealed itself.



The next day we were back to boat maintenance, starting with a long overdue job, accurate marks on the anchor chain. We knew that the existing marks didn’t match the code we were given but this was a messy tough job. I’m glad it’s finished.

Time to play and in this shot your humble servant either ran into Seal Team 6 or stumbled into an arcade game.

We walk a little, we sight see a little, we eat a little, we sip some coffee. It seems like just about every cafe or restaurant in St. Augustine has a court yard tucked away somewhere.

It’s good to be back in one of our favorite towns.

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  1. Anita

    You look like you are having fun!

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