Today we went nowhere

Ensconced in Stuart, FL, on mooring #41 at Sunset Bay we’d had big plans for today. With company coming we fancied that a spot of deep cleaning and an airing out might be in order. Even the most disciplined of boats have an area, usually a guest bunk that collects all the stuff that defies classification or is just too freaking big to be stored away out of sight. We have several. Have I mentioned that we have a lot of stuff?







Yes it’s a banjo.

In fairness I should mention that I have approximately six ball caps aboard when maybe two would do. Dear reader, I refer you back to an earlier post called 29 hammers. It could be genetic.

Well…it’s strange how it sneaks up on you. One moment you’re going about your business and the next you’re asking each other where did this wind come from, did they predict this gale? It was sunny with torn bands of threatening scudding dark low clouds. I confess that on a mooring I’m less than attentive to the weather, maybe a once a day check of Accuweather on the iPhone, but rarely do we check NOAA on the VHF. They can make partly sunny sound ominous. We switched on the instruments to see how strong the wind was and were not surprised to see 25-30 kts. There was a serious chop, making it hard to do much but sit down and the few people braving the chop in their dinks were getting wet with spray.

It was about this time that Marce came out of the saloon a little green around the gills. This is never good. If you want to experience motion sickness go down into a boat when it’s bobbing and weaving, start cleaning and count the minutes until you suddenly need air and a horizon. NOAA said that it was supposed to calm down to ten kts by six but how many times have we heard that? We finished about half of the day’s projects and all concerned decided that it would have to be another day for company. We’ve experienced seasick guests before.

Now where am I going to put that banjo?


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  1. Karen sherer

    Hi Marce & jack I HOPE you’ve been receiving allll my responses?!! Wishing you a happy holiday season. How was Christmas on the water? Here’s to a happy new year and a great 2013. THINKG OF YOU!!!

    • Hi Karen, The holidays are all about family for us, and of course we weren’t with our families so we were a little lonely. But we were able to Skype and FaceTime with most of our loved ones, and that helped a lot! We wish you and Nate a very happy and healthy New Year!

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