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The stars say lie down

Yesterday our host and concierge Nancy gave us a lift to the Apple Store. We couldn’t get a genius appointment for all the things we need to deal with, but we figured we might be able to knock at least one thing off the list. The store is in an upscale mall, the likes of which we haven’t experienced in months.


The Apple girl who took care of us said this location at Aventura Mall is one of their flagship stores and it was more crowded than we’ve ever experienced.


Without an appointment we were afraid we’d have to wait for hours but we chose to just address a set of new earpods that weren’t working and we got them replaced in a short amount of time without having to wait for a genius. Nancy, meanwhile, hooked up with her next houseguest and they swung back to retrieve us at the Bloomingdales mall entrance. It was kind of a slow motion surgical strike.

Jeff was still at work when we got back to the house and we invited the women over for cocktail hour on Escape Velocity. Since we’re tied to the outpilings there’s no easy way to get from the dock to the boat. We’ve rigged a system whereby you board their boat from the dock, climb over to the swim platform, get into our dinghy which is tethered to both boats, then pull yourself over to EV. Never easy but always amusing.


This morning I awoke to the inevitable. I got Jack’s cold, despite my usual prevention methods of backbends, hydration and germ avoidance. I don’t feel too bad, but my energy level has dropped to about 1/4 tank. And there’s so much to do!

Today I’m staying aboard to run the watermaker and do some quiet computer business, or at least what I can without Internet access. Our friends have wifi but even though we’re right behind the house I can’t seem to get the boat connected. Jack took off to West Marine for a circuit breaker and to Walgreens for more DayQuil. Izzy and I are just going to chill here on a quiet Tuesday.

I’ve been able to do some yoga on the foredeck these last couple of days. It’s a good start to the day and should help me shake this cold quickly.



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