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The houseguests have houseguests

We managed to get quite a few more errands done thanks again to our loaner car, some very helpful people and a little luck. We’re still far from the bottom of our to-do list but feeling a bit more accomplished.

This morning we visited the Charles Schwab office and opened a checking account after reading a ton of recommendations on cruising lists about no-ATM fees and no exchange-rate fees anywhere in the world. We’ve been getting dinged with ATM fees whenever we can’t find a branch of our current bank, so this will save us a little dough. Even if you get charged a fee by the host bank, Schwab will rebate the fees at the end of the month. Sounds like a good deal to us.

We found the battery monitor we want to install at a good price, checked out Bluewater Books and Charts again to see what we might want to pick up for our next cruising destinations, and visited Sailorman for the first time. This is another of the ubiquitous new/used/consignment shops that dot the Florida coastline and elsewhere. We rate it a C-minus; prices were pretty high, it was a little too organized to be fun, and there wasn’t the eye-popping size of Marine Connection Liquidators in Fort Pierce or the thrill of the hunt of Sailor’s Exchange in St. Augustine. I’m sure it’s just that the other places ended up having just what we were looking for, and Sailorman couldn’t tempt us with more than a couple of flag clips and a hose nozzle. At retail.

We had just enough time to get back to the boat and rustle up some Summer Salad Tacos to share with the other houseguests. Yes, our hosts are out of town and their place is crawling with freeloaders, all of us enjoying the Miami Beach lifestyle they work so hard for. We had a fun evening on Escape Velocity until the mice thought they ought to get back and put the big house back together before the cats came home. We’ll miss them. It’s always fun to cross paths with people via convoluted connections. Our circle widens and we love it.

We’re still waiting for one more crucial piece of mail that will allow us to get our Florida drivers licenses, and we really ought to see what official papers Izzy’s going to need for the next couple of months. Other than that, I have my list, Jack has his, and sooner or later we’ll escape from America.


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