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Scenes from the ‘hood

Lake Sylvia is the only place to anchor in the Fort Lauderdale area. We’re surrounded by lavish homes and expensive marinas but the only place for folks like us to drop the hook and stay awhile is here in the Lake. The funny thing is that we rarely see any lights on in the houses around us. The owners must be off in Gstad or Paris, leaving the housekeepers, landscapers and pool men to care for the joint until they decide to visit for a week or two. With the holidays coming up we’ve noticed a little more activity ashore and we expect some lights on next week.

One of the houses closest to our current position has five gas-fired cauldrons that light on a timer every night. They stay on for a few minutes, then turn off again, but every night when they come on we think of Tribal Council and wonder who’ll be voted off this time.

Last weekend was St. Patrick’s Day, and we had beautiful weather. On Saturday a large tramp workboat converted to a cruiser anchored not too far from us, and then one by one, sailboats entered the lake and rafted up alongside the Mi-T-Mo. They were all flying a pink flag with SSSF on it, and each boat brought the whole shebang closer and closer to EV. Jack and I stood on deck and tried to discourage the last few boats from tying up because if the wind shifted we’d be in trouble. The skippers ignored us and set about drinking and partying for hours.


Luckily, there was no wind shift and Jack managed to get his nap in despite the hubbub nearby. We learned it was the Single Sailors of South Florida, and they carefully detached themselves and motored away before dark.


Sunday Jack was well enough to have lunch at the Raw Bar where we were surrounded by serious Irish and entertained by a wandering bagpiper.




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