A company town

Maybe it’s because we’re in a vacation spot or maybe it’s because we’re getting closer to leaving the country but suddenly we’ve been enjoying more company than we’ve had up ’til now. Nancy and Dave were here for the Deluxe Cleveland Clinic Experience, of course. Then we had an afternoon visit from a blog reader who dreams of the cruising life. We spent so many years planning and working toward our goal that we were happy to listen to another path and share our experience, such as we have to this point.

Now it’s spring break and yesterday our niece Emily, her friend Jason and Jason’s aunt came to see us on EV.


It didn’t take long for Emily and Jason to strip down to their swimsuits and test the Lake Sylvia waters.



We had a great time just hanging out but when it was time to go the rains came and we plumbed EV’s raingear collection to keep everyone semi dry for the long dinghy ride back to land.






Sharp-eyed readers will notice I’m wearing a cycling rain jacket, unearthed from a drawer full to the brim with cycling gear. I hope we get back to our bikes sometime soon; we sure miss riding!

Next up for company: son Drew and daughter-in-law Ericka. We haven’t see Drew since last September, and Ericka in over a year!

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