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The view from the back porch



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While Jack spent a little more time displacing barnacles on the bottom I scanned the shoreline with the binoculars. I’d noticed some flotsam on the beach and was curious to see what was there.


We saw Bahamians secure their boats on the beach by dropping one anchor on the sand and one in the water marked by a float. This’ll keep the boat from floating away as the tide changes. We thought maybe we’d look for a float somewhere and — how about that? — there’s one stuck in a tree. When Jack dragged himself out of the water I announced that we were going ashore. He brightened until I told him we were got to the other shore, the one 100 feet from us.

We rowed over and made our way through the sucky sand and poked around for any usable objects. The float was perfect and we also found a few plastic crates that may come in handy, provided we can scrape off the marine growth.




The new float is already in service.


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