Call off the hounds!

We arrived in the US Virgin Islands today after 11 days and 22 hours at sea and 1150 miles. It was a frustratingly slow windward passage but we are well and happy to be here. There was no blood or vomit spilled, and no lawyers were involved. We’ll be uploading the blog posts we wrote underway when we get a good wifi connection. Everything will be posted in date order so you’ll have to scroll down to check for new posts until we get caught up.



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10 Responses to Call off the hounds!

  1. Jeff & Carla

    Thank God! We’ve been going through EV withdrawal here in the Motherland.

  2. Aidita & Alex Alamo

    Great!!! so glad to hear you guys are in the BVI’s. Have fun, relax and take a good long warm shower.

  3. TomG

    Yay! I missed you!

  4. Jon

    Congrats on the successful passage. When you get going, you really go!

  5. Martin

    Great to hear from you! Looking forward to reading about the voyage.

  6. Anita

    Yay!! Glad to hear that you traveled safely. Missed hearing from you. Love you both. Hugs coming!

  7. Jim

    Congratulations on a successful passage – I KNEW you were going there!!
    I hope when you go to Puerto Rico you stop in Culebra! And take time to visit the beautiful beaches and to SNORKEL!! The only thing wrong with going to PR is that it is an upwind bash to go anywhere else!! Enjoy!!

  8. I guess you can cross the long passage off the bucket list… Glad to hear you are safe and sound, hope it was as enjoyable as it could be, looked on spot like the first part was ugly, til you got to the trades. Now kick back and enjoy those islands mon! We are sitting just off the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, wishing you were here for a sundowner. Tomorrow we head to Farmers and then on to Georgetown. We will then turn around and slowly work our way back north. Keep us posted. Lisa and Lilly send there best!

  9. Karen sherer

    Sooooo good to hear from you

  10. Nancy Sternberger

    OMG! We are so glad to hear from you! We follow you everyday. BTW You got mail! Postmarked Jan 2012. Can’t wait to catch up on the tale as only you can tell it. Enjoy! xoxo

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