What a year!

One year ago today we signed the papers and made Escape Velocity our home. And today we completed our first significant ocean passage aboard. It’s been quite a year for us, full of adventure, frustrations, a health scare, many successes, a few spectacular failings while navigating a steep learning curve and it’s all been so much fun and more than we ever hoped it would be. We want to thank everyone who’s come along on this journey with us by reading the blog and sending us comments and well-wishes. Your support means so much to us.



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11 Responses to What a year!

  1. Anita

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. So glad for you.

  2. Jim

    I love reading your blog – when you read in sailing magazines about passages it all sounds so terrific – when you read your blog you know how it really is – but I know there are extremes of anxiety and frustration, but also extremes of total fascination with the wonders of spending time on the ocean, one with the elements, and relying on your own ship and capabilities.
    Congratulations to you – it’s time for a Cruzan rum on your cruisin’ boat!!

  3. Congrats Jack and Marce! I wish we had been able to catch up with you in FL or the Bahamas before you went south. We’re in the Abacos now and learning a few lessons of our own! Keep posting and keep living the dream!

  4. TomG

    You couldn’t have a more perfect picture to go with your 1 year anniversary! I’m enjoying following your adventures, right down to the smallest details.

  5. Mary

    So glad you’re there finally!!! We have OMG’d, laughed and cried right with you–as we try to finish up on the hard in Beaufort. Keep on keeping on!
    Mary and Craig, #66

  6. Jane Lange DiCola

    Look forward to meeting you both on STT Sunday!

  7. Congratulations on your one year anniversary of your adventure at sea…I hope that you did not break that bottle on the side and drank it probably( with the cheetos)..Hope your journey brings you up the inner-coastal for a Long beach Island visit!
    Smooth Sailing!

  8. Congratulations! We are so thrilled for you and have enjoyed living every minute, both real and virtual. Love, love, love to our family seafarers.

  9. Brian

    I am so happy for you guys. Godspeed and fair winds!

  10. Petra Koch

    You looks like you are in love and happy. A very nice Couple.

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