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Nothing but air

The leak in the closet was a reminder that just like in a house — more so maybe — I have to empty the closets and storage areas once in a while and let things air out. Our boat is very dry but moisture does creep in to every nook and cranny. Now that the watermaker is back on line I’ve caught up with the laundry and washed the cold weather clothing that we used most recently on our passage here. I packed it all away again in vacuum bags and had to think where a good place to store it would be. I decided on a very large cabinet in our bedroom that’s accessible but not too convenient because you have to crawl up onto the bed to get anything. Before I put the vacuum bags in I figured I’d empty it all out and remind myself of what’s in there and found most of the stuff was getting a little musty. No mold or mildew, but just not too fresh smelling. So out it all goes into the cockpit for airing.

I also discovered a few things that can definitely leave the boat. Like a portable CD player; don’t think we’ll be needing that any time soon. And a portable heater; we have another one so out it goes. Little by little we prune down our clutter but at this rate it’ll take a long time before we have empty drawers or shelves.

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