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My Brothers de Merde

So…Marce is staring at microfilm again today and after collecting all the bits needed to create a shutoff valve between Escape Velocity’s holding tank and the offending Jabsco pumpout pump, I was hoping to come up with a new reason to postpone the inevitable merde-in-the-face rebuild.

Personally I blame my friend Craig on Anything Goes. After seeing another photo on their blog “Three Kids and a Boat” of still another head rebuild, and this one looked bad, I felt shamed into giving it a go.

The last post concerning the high-pressure washdown featuring an inch and a half hose full of holding tank “product” in my face proved so popular that many of my fellow sailor brothers wrote in with their own hilarious misadventures, and the heretofore secret Brotherhood de Merde was revealed. The initiation isn’t much fun but the secret handshake is hilarious and features, for obvious reasons, no actual physical contact.

This time I cleverly pumped out the holding tank before taking off the one and one half inch hose to the leaking Jabsco Macerator pump. Ok, it stank to high heaven but even Marce’s overly developed olfactory couldn’t smell anything where she was (at the library) but the question now is would it dissipate quickly enough? Probably not but I always feel that one’s mate should share and be aware of one’s suffering on behalf of the team. Seems fair.

I’ve always maintained that the longer one postpones a project the longer one has to assess what’s needed and the best order to accomplish the task, especially an odious one. Well south of a tenth of a boat unit, here they are.


Nice and tidy. Now I can repair our needy macerator pumps without contemplating a face full of you know what. I just hope that they let me stay in the Brotherhood. I’ve already paid my dues.


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