Daily Archives: August 3, 2013

Holy mole!

I spent most of yesterday making a big pot of mole sauce. I’m only blogging about it because I’m amazed that the recipe I used has 28 ingredients and I had all of them on board except one and I just left that out. I did add several other ingredients as I tweaked the flavor, and I didn’t have Mexican chocolate but used Grenadian chocolate which is very bitter so I added a little honey. That’s probably not kosher but the mole tastes great and most of it’s headed for the freezer in meal-sized packets. This is not something you want to make too often. It took me hours to clean up the kitchen!

We’ve also been enjoying popsicles made with any kind of fruit juice in reusable plastic freezer molds. And we’ve started making sorbet and ice cream with local fruits. Last week we had a delicious soursop/ginger/lime sorbet with cocoa nibs and this week a creamy mango coconut ice cream. Sorry, no photos. We were too busy eating it.


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