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Get your ass in gear

I am fuming. We’ve been in this marina since August 29th. We had our replacement lifeline stanchions shipped down ahead of time at extra expense so the marina could do the fiberglass and gelcoat repair and get the new stanchions installed well before our rigging arrives. When the crate gets here we could simply hook up the perfectly measured and swaged lifelines and the deckwork would be done and out of the way of the rigger. Despite nearly daily reminders to the marina management, not one minute of work has been done on this boat in five weeks. The crate had to be packed and shipped from Florida without accurate measurements for the portside lifelines, and there is no swager available anywhere nearby to cut the lines to fit. Today when we spoke with the marina manager and again begged him to get the fiberglass work done, he shrugged and said we could just use spectra line instead of stainless steel lifelines. “YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT!!!!” I said, and it all went downhill from there. We’re replacing the damaged lifelines, and to do that his yard is supposed to repair the fiberglass. Which they aren’t doing. We want to make a trip back to the states for the holidays and we don’t even know when these idiots will get off their asses and do the work! And of course our permit extension expires again in less than three weeks.

We asked where our rigging and other replacement parts will be stored until the rigger gets down here to install it.

“Can we talk about that when it gets here?” he said.

“Do you have a secure place to keep our stuff?”

“I don’t know what we’re talking about until I see it.”

“A mast, a boom, rigging, sails, all the other parts.” As if he doesn’t already know exactly what’s coming.

“Can we postpone this discussion until the stuff gets here?”

“Do you have a secure place to put our stuff?”

“Can we postpone this discussion until the stuff gets here?”

“Do you have a secure place to put our stuff?” Why can’t I get a straight answer?

“I can’t promise you that. It’s a big yard and people are in and out of here all the time.”

WHY ARE WE HERE???? They won’t do any work, he can’t guarantee our stuff won’t disappear, and on top of all that, he’s being obstinate as hell! He’s become Sergeant Don’t Bother Me It’s Not My Problem And Stop Being A Bitch. I can’t believe this approach ever works for him. It’s no wonder the marina is half empty.

We’ve been very patient waiting for our mast to be built and shipped but this situation at the marina is inexcusable and infuriating and if it causes us any more delays my head might explode. I admit it, I had a bit of a cry this afternoon. Please send virtual hugs.




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