Gone cat

We’re outta here!



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12 Responses to Gone cat

  1. Good for you guys! Way to go. Fair winds. Ed and Sue

  2. Jim

    Congratulations and best of luck on your continued journey.
    Fair winds, Jim

  3. TomG

    So happy for you! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations. We’ve been watching your story every day. So happy it turned out great. What an adventure.
    Jason and Monica
    Manta #49

  5. Greg Gegner

    Very good, I know how mentally challenged you were.

  6. Tom Coulombe

    Fantastic. Fair winds to the both of you.

  7. So happy to hear you are underway again.

  8. Congrats, know there were times when you thought you’d never escape,…wishing you fair winds and following seas.

  9. Karen sherer

    A safe and in eventful trip. We would love to see you when you’re in Pgh

  10. Brendan Foley


  11. Woody Morgan

    Just heard from Ed and got caught up on y’all’s trials in the World of Quepos. I’m happy to see you can smile and go forth. Enjoy!

  12. Mike Hiscoe

    We have been folowing your blog and are so happy all has been repaired on escaevelocity safe travels! So happy for you guys!!!

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