On your mark, get set

Ok, so I don’t know how this works, this fish contest thing. Our evening started out well enough. I mean we launched Cat Nip without drama, she started right up and I maneuvered over to passenger embarkation, I mean port side to pick up Herself, just like we rehearsed it and as we accelerated she just quit, the Yamaha I mean, dead. Luckily a nearby cruiser was heading to the boffo kickoff party at the Bahia del Sol Marina and we hitched a ride with him. Have I mentioned the free bottomless rum, big boats, and bigger women? Yeah, they got ’em. Soon M had a tasty Mojito and yours truly, a conservative plastic party tumbler full of Flor De Caña’s finest and a few rocks, no need to show off. Soon we were deep in conversation with the latest graduates who passed the bar just this morning on a boring wave that I wouldn’t even consider an actual roller. No style points whatsoever. You’ve got to give the crowd something to hold their breath about and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Switching to Mojitos, the girls like to shake them and I like to watch so when I turned around with both drinks in festive plastic tumblers, I was face to face with this embarrassing display.


Let’s just call it premature deflation and leave it at that. Luckily the Flor De Caña inflatable stood tall and what with all the goings on, yours truly may have forgotten the aforementioned full report but the Mojitos girls had cute little outfits, don’t you think? The floor show looked promising, and have I mentioned the free flowing rum?


I don’t know what happened to the docks but when Bill and Jean said
does anyone need a ride back we said sure and found the motion of the docks disconcerting which may explain this photograph.


These gents seem completely focused on — I guess — counting the little fish as if they didn’t know there was free rum over on the deck. I don’t know, fishing must do something to you.


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  1. Tom Coulombe

    You folks are great. Love reading about your adventures. The Wife and I have about 10 years yet to set sail. Kids and what not 🙂

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