The view from the front porch 

After a two-day delay waiting for the surf on the bar to moderate we hope today is the day we say goodbye to our peaceful El Salvador interlude and begin our Pacific journey. Fingers crossed. 


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3 Responses to The view from the front porch 

  1. George Theotocatos

    Have a safe sail. Our thoughts will be with you all the way to your destination. Looking forward to receiving news from you. Keep us posted.

  2. Laurie and Sonia, Travis, Beau, and Kara

    All the very best Marce and Jack!! We will be watching closely with interest and envy (now that we are back in Oz and have sold Moana Roa)… have a great crossing! Love. Laurie and Sonia

  3. Please get some pictures when crossing the sand bar. Safe travels.

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