Time waits for no man

How do you describe the indescribable? Oh I can try but I certainly can’t do the Bay of Islands justice. It’s mysterious, cheeky in the way the undercut mushroom islets blend into the porous rocky, scrub covered background of the hills behind until you practically paddle into one. It takes your breath away. You have to explore every nook and cranny because many times when giving up on a meander just one paddle stroke more reveals a hidden grotto or an under water cave or a shallow, seemingly glowing white sand private swimming hole that you enter, ducking through a hole in a huge rock face. Of course it’s teeming with fish of all descriptions but the array of colorful coral under the crystal clear water must be seen to be believed. Several evenings our little cul du sac anchorage was invaded by silvery squid in the hundreds moving back and forth in perfect synchronicity. You could see them looking up at us with those big bright eyes but when a predator got too close they churned up the water making a tremendous roar.  

Nine days is not enough, but time waits for no man.

Rain moved in for a day and we filled up the water tank.

A local tourguide asked if his clients could borrow some masks so they could explore one of the nearby swim-in caves. We gladly lent them our spares.

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