A Sydney welcome

On our first full day in Sydney we walked into the Central Business District (CBD) to meet up with Nancy and Dave at their hotel. It was a long walk and we needed a bit of a sit down before starting our tourist romp. You know us by now; we never turn down a cafe.

Once we were recaffeinated Nancy and Dave lead us to Circular Quay and we experienced from land the magnificent world-renowned waterfront that brought tears to my eyes when we entered the harbor the day before. I was still in a state of wonder that we had sailed to this distant city all by ourselves. Every once in a while the enormity of our accomplishment hits us and on this day the feeling was front and center. It was icing on the cake that my family are here with us too. 

From the Opera House and Writer’s Walk we moved on to the Botanical Garden just enjoying the beautiful weather and each other’s company. 

Nancy and Dave will stay another few days in their CBD hotel while we head back to EV in Blackwattle Bay. That evening an explosion sent us running out to the cockpit to find fireworks at Darling Harbor just over the tops of the buildings along the waterfront. It turns out there will be fireworks every night until Christmas. Could it get any better? We LOVE Sydney!


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2 Responses to A Sydney welcome

  1. nancy smith

    You did it guys!

  2. George Theotocatos

    Great pictures Nancy and Dave and Marce and Jack. You all look happy the way it should be. Enjoy the moment it is so special to be together after such an unbelievable voyage. Love Demi and George

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