From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

There were indications, clues that this would be no ordinary Saturday, as we made our way back to Annapolis. We noticed the Navy zeppelin circling over town and thought there must be a game today, but we were intent on making our second boat appointment. Ok, traffic was bad, even for Annapolis, but all the kids and families pushing double-wide, sidewalk clearing strollers really made an impression.

I bat about a 75% success rate in finding a lucky, close proximity parking place. Tonight was no exception. After mocha and a muffin at the City Dock Cafe we decided to leave the crush of humanity and head over to the Chart House for crab cakes and a lit-up Christmas view of Annapolis. Forty-five minutes later we finally made it the four blocks to Eastport and found the place booked solid. We gave up and went back to the Historic Robert Johnson Inn (not that one) gave the car to the valet to park and finally learned the reason for the throngs: not just a football game but the Army/Navy game, for God’s sake, and in this boat crazy town, the annual light up Holiday Boat Parade. Madness! Gave up on crab cakes and had a fine dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Great suite of rooms, overstuffed bedding. This sure beats the Econo Lodge. Tomorrow onward to Virginia.


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