A funny thing happened on the way to Boca Raton

I don’t know why but we felt like we were out here alone. Oh we would talk to a broker, two or three a day, email and phone calls but all we heard were stories and rumors of shoppers. And then it happened. Yesterday as we pulled into a marina I saw a couple, our age, notebooks in hand assessing the yacht we were coming to see. Blurry eyed, with that dazed look, the same look that I expect we have. Awkward at first. Maybe even tense. They were doing a counterclockwise rotation and we were doing a clockwise rotation of Florida. Essentially we’ve rejected the rest of the boats they are going to look at and they’ve rejected all the boats that we are going to see. Like midnight shoppers working from one end of the sale table to the other. Bumping into each other at the middle.
We liked them, although he saw us as competition because he really liked a boat that we were going to see in two hours, and he hadn’t had enough time to lobby his wife. She didn’t like it, he really did.

Marce calls them our Shadow Couple. I can only guess what they call us.

Ever onward.


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2 Responses to A funny thing happened on the way to Boca Raton

  1. Gordon

    Great entry. You know sooner or later you’re going to have to kill them, don’t you?

  2. Was it the evil Marce and Jack, from the alternate universe? The other guy would have been clean-shaven.

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