And the Blind Owl says…

After four days in one place I’d begun to think of Vitaly, at the Subway around the corner, as my personal chief. Just like Blind Owl says, “we’re on the road again.” Ah yes, the dis-harmonious hum of the Hyundai, we must be on the hunt again. After a short post holiday visit with family near the Hudson River it will be time to make an offer. After more than 3,600 miles, over 17 sailing yachts, 15 stale “free” continental breakfasts, it’s time to jump in.

I’d have to say its been down to just a couple yachts all along but you always hope that The One would be recognized as “home” the second you step aboard. That hasn’t happened. Having said that, I do have a favorite. And the Blind Owl croons, “love can be found anywhere.”

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  1. Anita Loveland

    Marce and Jack – I hope that you get the sailing yacht that you want and that you are happy!

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