Happy Twenty Twelve

So much for keeping a positive attitude. I fell in love with an American made Catamaran, called a Manta 40, just enough out of reach that we had to swallow hard and knew it was time for a reality check. Can we really low ball an offer that far below her asking price? We really liked the owners. Would it just serve to piss them off?

While we were gut checking somebody bought the yacht and the first email of 2012 informed us that she would not be ours. I have to admit it hit me quite hard. Tough way to start the new year. Instant karma? I don’t know, I’ve had a good feeling about this new year and I’ve said so many times but this could only be interpreted as a crushing blow. Not only because this boat was as close to perfect as we’re likely to see but there seems to be a paucity of blue water catamarans this year and we’d seen virtually all of them.

That’s when I remembered something the shadow couple said about a friend that has a boat he might be willing to sell in New Orleans. It’s a boat that I’m particularly partial to. I like New Orleans. It’s beginning to get really cold up here in the Hudson River Valley.

So let’s see… If we pick up 81S, then 59S…yeah that’s what, 1500 miles?

I can hear The Blind Owl start to croon.

Happy 2012!

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