Lawyers, Guns, and Money

The day dawned placid and serene, without a breath of breeze on the bay. In the midst of all this quiescence my heart rate was already elevated because deep in my psyche I knew that today was the day. The day we planned to extricate Escape Velocity from D-8 at Sunset Bay Marina, executing a classic pivoting maneuver utilizing EVs twin screws set 21′ apart, and a large fender and line, with Marce at the bow. Safe to say I had never done this before, I had never been at EVs controls before. The theory is to use the outboard diesel in forward and, in a delicate balance, run the inboard diesel in reverse. Pivoting on a large fender.

Now, I’m an old single screw mono huller with a preference toward long keels. Oh, you can accomplish a weak approximation of this using spring lines and alot of shoving. You’d better hope the breeze isn’t against you or you aren’t going anywhere. I had no idea how Escape Velocity would react but I was about to find out in the worst place possible.

Not as I expected. Hemmed in front and rear by some seriously expensive fiberglass, we had a narrow escape. It was a thing of inches. Much back and forthing. Izzy “Adventure Kitty” Katzenbaum found all of this spinning about not very amusing.

After I collected myself, we practiced some maneuvers and found a nice spot to anchor and after moving a second time we got it right. Launched the dingy and quickly found that the Honda will definitely stop running if the little “key” thingie isn’t FIRMLY inserted into the safety thingie. Picky, picky. We were able to get back to the mother ship by running on the battery and quick thinking by the skipper.

After a spot of de-naming by 1st mate, it was back up on the davits for the dingy and still another anchor windlass jam. This won’t do!


After a relatively simple docking for fuel I informed 1st mate that we weren’t
going straight in to dock. We are going out here till my heart stops pounding. For the piece de resistance we added a hair raising pirouette between dock D and C inches from multi million dollar yachts to a gentle docking at good old D-8.


Absolutely giddy, we celebrated at Duffy’s with a few mojitos and another trip to West Marine.

Looks like we’ll stay at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart for two more weeks trying to organize and get Escape Velocity shipshape.

No need for Lawyers, guns or money. This time, at least.

Fair winds Escapees


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7 Responses to Lawyers, Guns, and Money

  1. You did it! And I see that Marce finally got the rest of the bird removed! It will get easier each time, I’m sure.

  2. Sounds scary, Jack. These things must have a steep learning curve. Maybe you should do this out in the open water, somewhere, not in close proximity to these pricey pieces of fiberglass. But I have never been close to a boat that size. Glad you managed to pull it off without the need for lawyers, guns or greenbacks. Great song.

  3. Ed & Sue on USSV Angel Louise

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing all you are discovering! Your open hearts and open attitude about exploring and sharing what you find with others is what makes for Joy in life. Thank you also for the comment found on your site sharing what has to be one of the greatest poems I have had the pleasure of reading and sharing as well! Enjoy. Ed & Sue

    Poem we will always associate with you:

  4. Carla & Jeff

    You scared me for a minute with the title. Glad to hear everything worked out okay.

  5. Things will get easier I am sure. I am following you r blog as I worked with one of the previous owners in Canada and I followed there trip around the world.

    I am now back in Australia and I wish you all the best for the future.

  6. Danny Lee

    Yes !!!

  7. Good job, you’re learning the systems. Keep posting, we’re all living vicariously through you both.

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