Largest moon of the year

The view from the back porch, Stuart FL



by | May 5, 2012 · 8:01 pm

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  1. Ed and Sue Kelly

    We are thrilled by your excitement and reliving it ourselves vicariously!

    Our days are getting continuously longer as we are so much further North here in London – being about 1000 miles closer to the North Pole than NYC…
    We had too much cloud last night to see any moon, but like a Werewolf of London, I imagined my beard probably still grew longer last night with the full moon!

    We were at Sunset Marina between the restaurant and the inner dock when Mack Sails did our furler install behind the mainsail. Those tight squeezes around pricey boats made us nnervous too. We had a friend in our dinghy as one engine (the right one) was inop when we left to go out to a mooring. . . We put the dinhy on the right quarter corner and had a tight squeeze with some reminder marks on our dinghy – but like you – did not put any scratches in the big boats we squeezed by!

    Keep having one ‘best day of your life’ after another and keep writing.

    Ed and Sue on Angel Louise

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