What are they talking about ?

Ok Escapees, sorry for the nautical jargon, but we have really tried to keep it to a minimum.

We’ve been asked to explain a mooring ball. A mooring is a permanent anchor with a float, or ball, on top. They are put in place by a marina or town, and together they’re called a mooring field. A boat can tie up to a mooring instead of dropping its own anchor.

This is our current set-up for mooring. The ball, or float is in the upper left, which is securely anchored to the bottom. Attached to the ball is a pendant, attached to the pendant ring is our bridle, each line is led to different hulls in a catamaran to settle the motion.

This allows the town or marina to pack in more boats and of course, charge money.

Today we press on.
Your responses are appreciated.


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2 Responses to What are they talking about ?

  1. Linda

    good luck I hope today goes better

  2. Anita

    Jack – I feel like reading your blogs is very instructional and informational. you clearly have passion about sailing. I am definitely living vicariously through your travels. I can’t wait to come home from school and read your latest installments. Love you lots. Anita

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