Not my problem

Three exhausted crews woke up this morning on the Matanzas River. A light rain was falling and the tidal race was about to change again. An Aussie sloop, the only crew to actually see Ft Matanzas, got her anchor up first and as they slid by he said,” hell of a night.” Two tow-headed kids poked their heads out of the companionway hatch to wave. That’s the way it is. A shared experience brings us all closer.

We decided to up anchor. It didn’t look very good and I knew after Escape Velocity’s performance the anchor gear would be a mess. It was.

Ah…to tie up to a sturdy dock with AC, water, and a sound night’s sleep. After docking at St. Augustine Marine Center we found our new city water pressure regulator spouting water like the fountain at Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh. The problem is that the boat has its own water pressure system which squirted our tank water out of the same fixture, so we were without water while at a dock with virtually limitless water.

After talking to West Marine, which is where I bought the thing, I realized that I had one hour to off-load my bicycle, which we had never done before, grab the part and ride to the store on the other side of the San Sebastian River. I made it and we have running water, out of the spigots.

On the way back to the marina I saw this familiar scene.

Yes that’s a very intense rain and wind cell and that is going to be someone else’s sleepless night. It’s not my problem. Not tonight.


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2 Responses to Not my problem

  1. I’m glad you are safely moored for a while and that the water problem is solved. Jack, you’ve earned a good rest!

  2. You have to go into detail about West Marine, and what was wrong with the part, and how you fixed it. YOu can’t just gloss over stuff like that. Include some pictures.

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