It’s not all sunsets and Lobster Tails

This has been one of those days where you know you’re going to have to do something intimidating, so you can do something you’ve been planning for, but you may hear something that is downright depressing.

First I have to pilot Escape Velocity about several hundred yards up the San Sebastian River. Tight but no big deal, except that this very narrow river changes direction in what seems like every couple of hours. The gusty winds have not abated and when I say current, I’m talking 6 kts. It reminds me of the inlet at the Matanzas Fort.

Next I have to make a 90 degree turn into the haul out bay. I was able to spin EV in what I thought was a timely fashion only to see that the wind and current had pushed me past the narrow slot used by St Augustine Marine Center. Ok skipper, now what? I was able to keep EV rotating until I was pointing up into the current and wind and slowly we made our way into the slot at an angle, monohull style. Didn’t even touch, nothing but air! A power wash and an inspection of the rudders confirmed our decision to replace the bearings was a good one.

The costs are always creeping up. I guess you could say it’s mission creep. When you put as much into a new home as we have, you want it right and you want it right, right now.


The View From the Back Porch:


Yes it’s not all pizza and beer!


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3 Responses to It’s not all sunsets and Lobster Tails

  1. Well done, Skipper! When you get up into the New York area, you’ll spend some time in the city with us, and we’ll go to Chelsea Market or Cafe Luxembourg for lobster rolls. Then, when you get to Maine, you’ll do the same thing with Carole! No matter what you write about, I know that deep inside you both is a big grin…’ve made your dream come true! XOXO

  2. Carole Esley

    WOW, what a challenge
    WOW, how beautifully executed

    And, Izzy??? When she publishes her journal, it will be a dozy !!

    And, as Nancy so beautifully pointed out, there is lots of fine, tasty things awaiting your arrival in NY and Maine.

    In the meantime keep her bows pointed in the right direction ~ North and then Down East.

    xoxo to you two + one

    • Carole Esley

      As to my “awaiting moderation”, that’s a state I’d like to try….. excesses with a touch of frenzy abound…..

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