The view from the porch

I guess Marce summed up my feelings about EV today. Right now the talley of expensive concerns are, the autopilot ram still leaks and is totally ineffective, the chart plotter is shot, the port sail drive puked most of its oil, and the port Volvo diesel is leaking oil.

But then somehow Marce finds this little jewel of an anchorage with the scariest entrance ever but very protected.

The party on the dock behind us just invited us to use their dock as a dingy dock.


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2 Responses to The view from the porch

  1. Oh, dear. Sending good vibes. Perhaps you should spend some time on the party boat!

  2. Jim

    wow – sorry to hear about all the trouble – Beaufort/Morehead City should be a good location for parts, supplies and repairs, though.
    Little Star was at Core Creek Marine, about 15 mi. north, when I bought here, and the yard seemed to have a good reputation for repair work – it’s a do-it-yourself yard as well as a complete service yard, but it’s not near any place for provisioning

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