A Plan is just a plan

We carefully organized our Monday mission.
-Dinghy into the Honda Shop where they think they have the correct throttle cables for our dinghy, install them while we do other errands and pickup the dinghy on the way back to Escape Velocity.
-Exchange our empty LPG tank at Mile Marker 0 Marine.
-Bob & Cassie at Mile 0 are just about the nicest people we’ve ever met. They are going to drive us to the cell phone repair people who have agreed to repair Marce’s iPhone while we wait, eliminating a 12 mile bike ride.

Tied up the dinghy at the Honda Shop called Full Throttle, which after all is what I’m looking for, rode the bikes to Mile Marker 0 Marine with a 20# LPG tank strapped to the rack on the bike. This part went smoothly because of Bob. So far so good.

If you’re ever in Portsmouth, VA, Look them up. True Angels of Mercy, right next to the south ferry dock, which is how I first found them.

Cassie ducked the photo op. We’ll try to catch up with her later. Bob uses all the disparate marine shops in town to fill any order that day!

So, no joy at the cell phone repair shop. Come back tomorrow seemed to be the theme of the day. Same at the Honda shop where we had to beg them to overnight the cables for a possible repair tomorrow. Cassie drove us to TJMaxx, the grocery store, Best Buy, Office Max, and still no joy.


Cassie said no problem, we’ll do it again tomorrow! Tuesday went much better and even Full Throttle came through in the end, although very late in the day. We managed to leave our new printer on their work bench, unfortunately. We had so much stuff in the dinghy we didn’t notice until we were unloading, where we had our own Abbot and Costello moment. Where did you put the printer? I didn’t touch the printer. Why not? Did it fall overboard? How would I know? I will admit that the printer toppling into the Elizabeth River was a distinct possibility because the trip back from Full Throttle was a little ragged due to the fact that I suddenly had full power and after a lifetime of motor cycle driving twisting one’s wrist down for more gas apparently is hard wired into my DNA. This has caused a certain…unevenness to one’s experience in our dinghy. There are even rumors about the harbor,that I tried to mount EV with the dinghy. Let me be the first to disabuse you of this spurious accusation. Not so!

Finally we decided that in our haste we must have left it at Full Throttle and of course they’re closed. Marce said just dinghy over and see if you can get it, and while you’re at it try sitting on the other side so that the throttle syncs with your brain’s wiring. Sure enough the overhead door had just enough space left that if I ducked down into the dinghy I could just slide in under the lip of the door. Now if no one shoots me we’re home free, because this had disaster written all over it. I jumped out of the dinghy, grabbed the printer box, jumped down into the dinghy and made my escape.

Just another day in paradise.


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3 Responses to A Plan is just a plan

  1. Jeff Sternberger

    Good story Jack. But what is Marce doing with her arm around Dick Cheney?

  2. Carla & Jeff

    Although I don’t comment much on your posts, I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventures even more than any novel I have read. Keep it up!!!

  3. Rob Canale

    Nice shirt Marce!

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