Rhode Island bound

Well, our exuberance didn’t last. By the third day of our too-long journey to New England the autopilot crapped out again. And we were enjoying it so much! Now we’re faced with another 100 miles of ocean between us and a place to drop the anchor, and all the while we’ll have to hand steer on short watches. No more scanning the horizon then going below for a snack or a bathroom break. No more long and restful sleep. Nope. It’ll be an hour or two at a time, back and forth, until we reach Rhode Island. Rats! We are clueless as to why this thing doesn’t work, especially after getting the ram completely rebuilt. We’ve consulted (and paid) four professionals, certified factory technicians even, and here we are hand steering.

The only good news is that the wind finally filled in and we were able to raise the sails and turn off the engines for a while. The weather report says the wind will die later this evening but we’re enjoying the break from the engine noise and also gaining a little speed. Yes, we can sail faster in these winds than we can motor.

We’re just now starting to cross the last of the NYC shipping lanes but we haven’t seen a ship since last evening. We’ll be alert for subs off Montauk, though.


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5 Responses to Rhode Island bound

  1. Deb

    Bummer about the autopilot.
    Do you think you’ll be in Rhode Island this weekend?
    Getting back from Durham on Thursday night.

  2. Katt D'Alessandro

    Waving to you mentally from the Poconos…my virtual waving isn’t as long distance as it used to be, so your proximity makes my good vibes stronger. Good luck and stay safe,

  3. *#$*^&*%*@&$%~@^#!!!!!
    When you get to RI, take the autopilot straight to the last “fixer’s” workshop and after you give him a piece of your mind, tell him fix it or his name goes up on the Manta list forever! Ugh. Bummer. And other unprintable words. I’m sorry that you have been so frustrated with this. My magic wand is just not working!!! But good thoughts are coming your way. We are accumulating quite a collection of packages and mail for you. I wish there were a new autopilot in the pile! XO

  4. I am not a sea fairing man but it must really pee you off when you had the autopilot fixed by the professionals and it still fails. I enjoy your posts from here in Australia and look for your Spot location. Better luck in the future.

  5. Celeste

    Hey cool, wave to our old friends in Montauk, “the quaint fishing village with the drinking problem!”

    Hope you two soon begin to have a smooth sail.

    all best,
    Celeste and Elise

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