Daily Archives: October 19, 2012


Our post yesterday uncovered a previously unknown issue. If you are “subscribed” to the blog, that is you get an email whenever there’s a new blog post, that email is sent out automatically by WordPress from a “no-reply” address so if you reply to that email it disappears into the ether and doesn’t come to us. I don’t know how many people that has affected but we apologize if you’ve been responding to blog posts through the auto-emails and wondering why we haven’t written back.

There are two ways to respond to the blog. You can post a comment, and that’s public. The advantage to that is you might spark a discussion among other readers and us but you have to remember to check back for responses. Or you can email us privately either through the blog link or whatever email address you have. We try to answer every email we get.

Sorry for the confusion. We love hearing from you!


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