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The view from the front porch

We love the stillness here as evening falls.


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What? More stuff?!?

It’s been a busy couple of days. We are happy to report that Jack’s and Alan’s ministrations on the battery charger seem to have worked. I crawled out from under the blankets at 7:30 this morning, started the generator to run a space heater and just for grins turned on the charger. Success! We’re pretty happy about that, although in researching a replacement we learned that the charger we have is not putting out enough amps to make running the generator efficient and when we do replace it eventually we will go up several sizes.

Izzy does not like the sound of the generator and will sit below for as long as it’s running.


I made another pass at the safety gear onboard and discovered we have three flare guns, two more than we need. But I don’t know what to do with the extras.


We took a longer shopping trip today that first required us to retrieve the bikes from the park and transport them to the other side of the creek.



We met up with Alan and rode about 5 miles through town and out the other side to a shopping center where we visited Joann, Marshall’s, a bike shop and Trader Joe’s. Annapolis gets a ‘D’ for bike friendliness because we mostly had to ride on surface streets or sidewalks.


We stopped at a marine consignment shop on the way back, then for a late lunch before the last little ride through town to the dinghy dock. We’ll leave our bikes on that side for a few days.


Do you believe we keep buying food? We can’t resist stocking up at Trader Joe’s but I’m seriously running out of room for this stuff.



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