Last night in Portsmouth

It’s our last night in Portsmouth at 4:30pm on a wind borne high tide. That’s significant because of what happens to the Ferry basin where we are tied up.


So if one would happen to make a mistake reading the tide tables or fail to estimate the storm surge this could happen.



We went through a lot of ideas on how to get us and our load of laundry back aboard without getting wet. Marce liked milk crates pushed ahead one after another. I thought it had disaster written all over it, plus we didn’t have any milk crates. We walked up town to get pizza and to brainstorm. The pizza was great, the ideas all had a fatal flaw or two. Dollar General had no rubber boots so we settled for disposable flexible knee-high waders with fashion forward red ties to negotiate the 8″ of freezing water.





One has to be resourceful living on a boat.

Izzy “Adventure Kitty” Katzenbaum, seen here ferry spotting. She really keeps close tabs on their coming and going. We’ve been running the generator quite a bit. It’s been very cold without sun so today was appreciated even though it was still in the 40’s. Izzy no longer runs and hides when she hears an engine start up.

Escape Velocity geared up for the storm.

Looks like its time to go.

That’s life on water.


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3 Responses to Last night in Portsmouth

  1. TomG from Sag Harbor

    You two are such terrific writers, so cheerfully willing to lay open your vulnerabilities and dogged determination. I salute you and your magnificent odyessy! And the pics are great, too. Izzy, ferry spotting: beguiling.

  2. Your Izzy is so cute! I know you are looking forward to the South Pacific, but years from now you will forget the cold but still remember the fun. You are in Paradise already whether you know it or not! Ed

  3. Ericka

    That’s some stylish looking footwear, and if it keep your feet dry! Glad to see you did alright through the storms up there, and that Izzy is starting to adapt better. Miss you both!

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