Why is this so familiar ?

After our pre dawn breakfast tease in Wrightsville Beach we were excited to spend some quality time in Southport. If you remember dear readers, we tied up to their expensive Southport Marina after the aptly named Cape Fear River kicked our butts so comprehensively that we turned around and sought refuge out of the river. We left the next day. Did I mention that the price included CATV?

Today after feeling relatively confident that Escape Velocity would stay put at anchor we dinghied into the Provision Company’s dock and walked a couple of blocks into a very cute town. Beautiful old seaside mansions and a town filled with ice cream, Christmas, antique, and coffee shops…hey that coffee shop looks familiar, but we’ve never been here before. We just stopped for a night.

I have a visual memory. If the GPS says go right but the graphic shows a left, I go left every time. I will say I can be fooled occasionally but this is very strange. No…we’ve been here before. Shop after shop became familiar as we walked around. We must have walked into town from the marina, which is much further and uses a different street.
Major senior moment, but it’s amazing how much we did in a very short timeframe.

Tuesday dawned cloudy with a threat of rain so we spent most of the day getting Escape Velocity ready for our passage to Charleston which included a mostly Marce project, sewing the clear plastic window, damaged by Sandy, back into the dodger. She is seen here in her Ninja Sewing outfit. Believe me this is hard to do by hand and we had about two and a half feet of bad stitching to replace.

It’s great to have this done.


Just as we wrapped this project it began to rain. This will have to do as the view from the back porch.


It’s better with sunshine. Blue water tomorrow, with a couple of days in Charleston as reward. That’s life on the water.


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7 Responses to Why is this so familiar ?

  1. Ed annd Sue Kelly on ANGEL LOUISE

    Jack & Marce, Sorry the breakfast was a disappointment at Causeway Cafe. I am really sorry and blame myself. You may properly blame me too!

    My only other restaurant reccomendation is The Greenhouse in Charlotte Amalie, on St Thomas, USVI, a few days away!

    Hoping you get following seas to Charleston and a nice sail.
    Ed and Sue

    • Lol, Ed. Jack says his breakfast was great! I blame myself for not ordering something with eggs, because that would definitely have been cooked to order. The good thing is that it got Jack up early. I can only hope it happens again some day. 🙂

  2. Karen sherer

    Always sounds like a wonderful adventure

  3. Jim

    I see by your Spot location you made it to Charleston – I was watching your progress and it looked like you would get there at 3 am!! Did you heave to and wait until first light?
    Your 9 am location is just off the mile long dock – the longest dock I ever saw!!
    When we tied up there, Joan said it was 362 paces to the head!!!
    Enjoy Charleston – recommend the Hominy Grits Cafe there.

    • We altered course to slow down the boat and when that wasn’t slow enough we dropped the jib and doubled reefed the main. We were halfway to the anchorage before sunup. Blog post with details to come!

  4. Anita

    Hi and welcome to Charleston. It looks like it will be “warm” there! About time. Enjoy your time in Charleston.

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