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Mooring glue

I can’t believe we’re still in Stuart. We thought we would make a list, get everything done, then leave. Two weeks, maybe three. Ha!

We still can’t get our Manta guy to return our calls. We’re trying to tackle the things he was supposed to do, which means our learning curve steeped up again. We did get our mainsail back from Colin Mack, batten pocket moved finally to align with the Leisurefurl mandrel. No charge.

Jack got Marty to help detach the boom vang from the boom, then he drilled out the rivets on the bracket that needs welding. He took the bracket to the welder hoping to have it done the next day but after not getting a call back he rode his bike over the bridge to get it, only to find the welder decided he didn’t have time to do it. And didn’t call to tell us that. So Jack rode his bike on a tour of the peninsula in 30 kt winds to find someone with time to fix this thing, and found success about five miles south, which isn’t all that far on a bike unless you have a 30 kt headwind coming back.

Meanwhile, back on Escape Velocity, Izzy and I were fighting seasickness in the wind and chop. I set up the sewing machine to start on the new jib cover and Izzy promptly parked herself in the open case.



It took me a long time to adjust the machine to accommodate the canvas and it’s no fun wrestling a 13′ x 8′ beast under the needle of a machine meant for dressmaking, but I managed to get the initial center flat-felled seam done before I realized I was very close to hurling my breakfast because we were bouncing around so much. That was enough for me for the day, and Jack came back exhausted from his odyssey on the bike.

I forgot to mention that the cushion covers for the stadium seat came back beautifully beveled to match the angle of the seatback. We had to bevel the foam to make a nice fit, then install the snaps, and now our cockpit cushion array is complete and comfy.




Today Jack is on his way to pick up the boom bracket from the welder and I’m cutting out the new canvas cover for the boom. If I can get this sewn up later we can reinstall the bracket, install the cover, bend on the mainsail again and be back in business and ready to move on again. Whew!

Still to be addressed: a new battery charger to replace the one that only works when it feels like it, AIS, and some engine maintenance. Oh, and rerouting the refrigerator venting. I think we’re gaining on it.


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