Pole sitting

We’re tied up to the Sternbergers’ out-pilings for a few days. It’s great to be in a calm and safe place but being tied up is a different sensation from swinging at anchor or on a mooring. I keep waking up at every little squeak of a fender or tug of a dockline and I make Jack get up and go out on deck to make sure things are ok, which I don’t think he appreciates.


Sunday we joined Nancy and Jeff aboard Sea Note while they checked their crab traps. It was nice to enjoy the ride for a change, and being up on their flybridge gave us a new perspective on Escape Velocity.




Nancy and Jeff let us send some packages to their house, so we’ve got a new battery charger to be installed and a roll of sunscreen fabric to replace our saloon window covers. The new lighter color should help reduce the heat in the cabin. This fabric says it cuts 90% of the heat and light. We’ll be the judge of that just as soon as I get the covers made and installed.


We took advantage of the dock hose to give EV a good scrubbing, the first since Point Judith, Rhode Island, last August. She really needed it, and I think we only got half the dirt and salt off. We’ll give it another go in a day or two and maybe some waxing as well.


This morning we had a diesel mechanic take a look at our two beasts. They need a little love and we’d like to make sure they’re tiptop before we leave civilization.

We’re compiling a long list of parts and supplies we want to order, enjoying the sunshine and the easy company of good friends. We’ve got no complaints.

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