No whining

We’ve been operating at about 50% power this week as we both recover from our colds. We took advantage of our loaner car to do a few errands that are difficult on bikes.


We also finally replaced the upper gasket on the freezer lid. I’m not sure how much we improved it, since our lid doesn’t really fit flush, but we’ll see how this works. And we still have to do the refrigerator gasket but that’s for another day.



Thursday we had a storm blow through with pounding rain and some unaccustomed wind. It’s weird to be tied to the dock because we don’t have the same protection from the weather that we do at anchor or on a mooring when the boat is always turned into the wind. This squall came from behind us so we had to retreat inside to stay dry.


We’ve been working hard to get EV scrubbed up and presentable again after so many months of cold weather and dirty anchoring. Jack spent a morning picking off the tiny flakes of metal that were leaving rust stains all over the foredeck from when he sawed off a length of anchor chain to send to Maxwell for evaluation. You think you’ve got it all and — whoops! — there’s another tiny rust dot. Looks like he got it all this time and the decks are looking clean and white again.


I’ve been spending a few hours a day consolidating our music collection onto one source and shunting it all onto our new iPod. Yesterday I plugged the iPod into the computer to do another transfer and the iPod promptly locked up. Nothing I did seem to have any effect, so I checked my Apple Store app and discovered a Genius Bar appointment available in about an hour. We jumped in the car and drove to Lincoln Road, an outdoor pedestrian mall on South Beach. After the genius revived our iPod we strolled the mall a little, soaking up the Miami Beach ambiance and a little Haagen-Dazs for our trouble.





This morning we enjoyed a Sunday breakfast of orange-pecan pancakes in the cockpit, and I’m awed again that this is our life now. We have chosen well.



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6 Responses to No whining

  1. I am so pleased for you both…and a wee bit jealous. I think some of that jealousy comes from all these pictures that have no snow in them, however.Enjoy it all, and promise to write plenty of updates for us.

    • I miss the snow! I know a blizzard is a hardship for some people, but I always enjoyed it when Mother Nature dictates the terms and tells you that no, you won’t be going anywhere today. Just put your feet up and read a book. Hope you aren’t too inconvenienced by the weather.

  2. Love the sound of those orange and pecan pancakes.

  3. Carole L Esley

    Haagen Dazs mellows out the worst travail !

    What was wrong with the iPod?

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